"The little laboratory" - An experimental design studio

The name "Lilla Labbet" pays homage to what founder Bella Smolarski believes to be a designer's best friend - all the little experiments we do before we get to the coveted final product. She believes slowing down to think carefully about where our products come from and how they will eventually end their lifecycles is an important part of the design process.

After seeing a stark difference between good and poor factory conditions during work in Asia, Bella questioned the designer's role in ethical and sustainable production of objects. She asked herself what right she had to send her sketches off to various brands without knowing what would happen to she could educate consumers about their habits when we are constantly influenced by fast trends, how would good design be defined today?

Lilla Labbet's M121

The M121 is a wooden table lamp handcrafted in Sweden by talented and passionate cabinetmakers. It blends the design traditions of the Scandinavian and Asian cultures, the same cultures designer Isabella Smolarski grew up with. It belongs at home in a bustling and humid Manila just as well as it lights up in a wooden cabin in a Swedish forest blanketed by winter silence.

The M121 will warm any space with it's living materials and playful yet minimal shapes. The designer's goal is that it is to resist ever-changing trends and instead be a life long friend in a space.

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